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[Collapse]Natural sciences
 Biology51420University of LatviaDoctoral Study ProgrammeNatural sciences216.0 ECTS 12/31/2022
 Biology43421University of DaugavpilsBachelor Study Programme 187.5 ECTS 5/28/2019
 Biology51421University of DaugavpilsDoctoral Study Programme 180.0 ECTS 5/28/2019
 Biology45420University of LatviaMaster Study ProgrammeNatural sciences120.0 ECTS 12/31/2022
 Biology43420University of LatviaBachelor Study ProgrammeNatural sciences180.0 ECTS 12/31/2022
 Biology45421University of DaugavpilsMaster Study Programme 120.0 ECTS 5/28/2019
 Biomedicine45420Rīga Stradiņš UniversityMaster Study ProgrammeNatural sciences120.0 ECTS2y6/6/2019
 Natural Recreation45421University of DaugavpilsMaster Study Programme 120.0 ECTS 5/28/2019