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  Psychology47313University of DaugavpilsProfessional Master Study Programme 90.0–120.0 ECTS2y 
 Educational Psychologist47311University of DaugavpilsProfessional Master Study Programme 180.0 ECTS 5/16/2019
 Health Psychology47313Rīga Stradiņš UniversityProfessional Master Study Programme 90.0–120.0 ECTS1y 6m6/2/2021
 Psiholoģija51313Rīga Stradiņš UniversityDoctoral Study Programme 180.0 ECTS3y6/2/2021
 Psychology51311University of DaugavpilsDoctoral Study Programme 180.0 ECTS 5/16/2019
 Psychology43313Rīga Stradiņš UniversityBachelor Study Programme 180.0 ECTS3y6/2/2021
 Psychology45311University of DaugavpilsMaster Study Programme 120.0 ECTS 5/16/2019
 Psychology42310Baltic International AcademyProfessional Bachelor and 2nd Level Professional Higher Education Study Programme (after Secondary School)Social and human sciences240.0 ECTS 6/18/2019
 Psychology47313University of LatviaProfessional Master Study Programme 120.0 ECTS2y6/21/2025
 Psychology51313University of LatviaDoctoral Study Programme 216.0 ECTS3y6/21/2025
 Psychology47310Baltic International AcademyProfessional Master Study ProgrammeSocial and human sciences120.0 ECTS 6/18/2019
 Psychology43311University of DaugavpilsBachelor Study Programme 180.0 ECTS 5/16/2019
 Psychology43313University of LatviaBachelor Study Programme 180.0 ECTS3y6/21/2025